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GX-10AN Electric Cabinet 100G Shock Vibration Insulation Wire Shock Absorber


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GX-10AN Wire Shock Absorber Introduction

The wire rope vibration isolator is made of wire rope wound into a spiral shape and fixed between two metal plates arranged along the nut. It is a new type of vibration isolator with nonlinear characteristics and dry friction damping. The steel wire rope, which is formed by winding the steel wire in a certain direction, is used as an elastic element.

The product is a miniature shock and vibration resistant support with oval rubber pads inside.

The nominal load in Pz direction of GX-10AN series wire rope vibration isolator is 10N (1.02kg). According to its size, it can be divided into GX-10AN1 type and GX-10AN2 type. GX-10AN series wire rope vibration isolator is for GX type wire rope. The further improvement of the vibration isolator, the rubber pad of the rectangular parallelepiped is changed to an arched rubber pad that is closely attached to the steel wire rope, which not only provides vibration isolation and buffering in the Pz direction, but also ensures the vibration isolation and buffering effect in other directions, which can meet the requirements of up to 100G. The above impact resistance requirements are suitable for the vibration isolation and buffering of armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery, airborne, vehicle-mounted, shipborne and other electronic, mechanical equipment, computers and instruments in harsh environments such as high and low temperature, chemical pollution, and missile satellites, safety protection of navigation and launch systems, and industrial noise reduction and vibration isolation of various industrial power machinery.

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