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How to choose a better waterproof vent valve

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How to choose a better waterproof vent valve

   Due to the characteristics of the waterproof permeator valve itself, it has been widely used and has good practicability, so there are many kinds of waterproof permeator valves on the market at present, but the main key role of the waterproof permeator valve is still made of waterproof material waterproof permeable film, so it has good tightness and permeability. There are many types of waterproof permeator materials such as plastic and metal and silicone materials combined to form many types of various parts with good sealing, so there are many types of waterproof permeator valves on the market, of which the pressure type and thread type and snap type waterproof permeator valves are used more. So how to choose a suitable one to install and use in so many waterproof ventilation valves?

   Generally speaking, the selection of waterproof ventilation valve is mainly based on the working environment of waterproof ventilation valve using electronic products, because the structure of waterproof ventilation valve is simply welded or pressed by waterproof breathable film and metal or plastic main shell material, but there is still a difference in the model and configuration, that is, the permeability and the size of the ventilation valve. Therefore, the choice of waterproof ventilation valve should be based on the use of the environment, and the Jiaxin waterproof ventilation valve has good sealing and permeability, which can ensure that the internal and external gases can be exchanged freely and quickly, but it allows liquid objects to pass through, so the choice of waterproof ventilation valve should also be selected according to the air permeability and the corresponding waterproof level.

   Another aspect is to choose waterproof and breathable valves according to the appearance color or other aspects of the product or appliance. Generally, the corresponding color or more suitable color combination will be selected for matching use, and the current selection frequency is usually higher. The longer aluminum alloy waterproof valve or stainless steel waterproof valve, and the plastic waterproof valve is also used more frequently in some electronic products.

Another aspect is to select the appropriate thread specifications according to the product's own functions and working environment. For example, if you want to use the waterproof vent valve on outdoor lamps or car headlights, generally choose M8-M12 thread specifications for installation and use, if the standard parts can not meet the requirements, there is a little error, you can also carry out special non-standard customization according to the needs of users.

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