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The importance of rubber shock absorber

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   We all know that rubber shock absorbers will be used in many places in life, so where will they be used? In fact, as long as you are good at finding the eyes can notice its existence, it can be said that as long as there is a rubber in the vibration of the equipment, it is basically to play a role in damping. So let's give some examples to see if this is the case.

1. The four adjustable height support feet under the washing machine are also one of the rubber shock absorbers, which is closer to the type of shock absorber;

2. In the floor fan, there is rubber in the base or the rubber filter used around the rotating motor is also one of the rubber shock absorbers;

3. There are rubber gaskets on the hanging wall of the outer and inner units of the air conditioner;

4. Rubber supports are also used under the refrigerator.

   There are many examples that we don’t have to list. In fact, there are many times we can see rubber on the screw, and it is also one of the rubber shock absorber. As long as there is vibration there will be rubber shock absorbers. Although it may be a little exaggerated, it can reflect the  rubber shock absorbers’ importance.

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