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JZP Navigation Launch Systems Assembled Vibration Isolator


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JZP-SC1 Assembled Vibration Isolator Introduction

The assembled vibration isolator relates to a vibration isolator used in the vibration isolation and buffer systems of aviation instruments, meters and radio stations. It is mainly developed to solve the problems that the existing vibration isolators are single-degree-of-freedom products, the stiffness in the horizontal direction is approximately 0, the damping structure is complex, and the impact resistance is poor. It includes an upper shelf plate, a lower shelf plate, screws, connecting nuts, a casing, a lower spring, a bottom plate, and a rivet. A bushing is arranged between the frame plates, the tensioning ring is sleeved on the bushing, the damping sheet is sleeved on the tensioning ring, and a buffer pad is arranged between the lower spring and the bottom plate. The advantage is that the stiffness of the vibration isolator in the vertical and horizontal directions is approximately equal, the vibration isolation in any direction can be realized, the impact resistance is strong, the damping structure is simple, and the damping value is adjustable.

Heavy-duty anti-vibration rubber bearing, flange mounting hole distance is 50 mm, and the upper mounting size is M6. The optional dynamic load that can bear is 2~15kg.

JZP-SC1 series of assembled vibration isolators are developed based on Israeli tank vibration isolators. They adopt the structure of double springs and special friction plates. They have good impact resistance and can achieve vibration isolation in any direction. The working frequency range It can be used in harsh environments such as high and low temperature, chemical pollution, etc. It has good anti-humid heat, anti-salt spray, high and low temperature resistance, anti-mold, long service life and other properties.

Assembled vibration isolators are suitable for vibration isolation and buffering of airborne, vehicle-mounted, shipborne and other electronic, mechanical equipment, computers and instruments, safety protection of missile satellites, navigation and launch systems, and harsh environments such as high and low temperature and chemical pollution. It is especially suitable for vibration isolation of airborne radio stations and instruments, and is widely used in military communication enterprises, research institutes and universities.

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