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JGX-2228 Wire Rope Shock Isolator Machine Vibration Shock Control


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JGX-2228 Wire Rope Shock Isolator For Sale

The wire rope vibration isolator is made by winding the wire rope into a spiral shape and fixing it between two metal plates arranged along the nut. Its stiffness and damping depend on the diameter, number of strands, number of turns, winding method and size of the wire rope. It is a new type of vibration isolator with nonlinear characteristics and dry friction damping. It uses a steel wire rope that is wound in a certain direction with multiple strands of steel wire as an elastic element. It has obvious hysteresis characteristics. Friction, squeezing, slipping.

JGX-2228 Wire Rope Shock Isolator Application

JGX-2228 series steel wire rope vibration isolator is made of 22.2mm diameter steel wire rope wound 8 times along the upper and lower two splints. The optional static load that can withstand is 380~1250kg. It is used as an extra-heavy anti-vibration bracket for vehicle transportation, the vibration isolation and buffering of cabinets such as shipboard, the carrying of missile satellites, the safety protection of navigation and launching systems and other aspects of mechanical vibration isolation buffering and energy absorption.

When the excitation and impact amplitudes are large enough, internal friction occurs between the strands of the isolator wire rope, and the movement direction of the wire rope is opposite to that of the wire rope, thereby consuming a large amount of energy and attenuating the vibration and impact strength; when the vibration amplitude is small, the wire rope The strands are twisted together due to friction and do not produce relative slip, thus showing good linear elasticity and maintaining the stability of the system. Therefore, the wire rope vibration isolator is suitable for complex and changeable vibration and shock conditions. Especially strong, it can effectively avoid strong resonance and impact, so as to play the role of buffer vibration isolation.

JGX-2228D-665B steel wire rope vibration isolator is one of the JGX-2228 series steel wire rope vibration isolators. The load is 665kg, and it has the properties of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc. It is suitable for vibration isolation and buffering of airborne, vehicle-mounted, shipborne and other electronic, mechanical equipment, computers and instruments, as well as the carrier, navigation and launch system of missile satellites. safety protection and vibration isolation and buffering of mechanical, electronic equipment and facilities in harsh environments such as high and low temperature and chemical pollution.

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